Did you know that Earl Sweatshirt has a house in Samoa?

Earl Sweatshirt is ready to end his journey!

If you ever wondered where the 17-year-old Odd Future emcee had been hiding over the past year while his friends were hanging out at the MTV Awards – mystery solved. 

Earl Sweatshirt had been attending the Coral Reef Academy all the way in Samoa. 

PHOTOS: Where In The World Is … Earl Sweatshirt?! 

Earl released brief footage that showcases the latter moments of his 18 month stint in Samoa.

In the video, the Odd Future member is joined by Leila Steinberg and a group of artists who have come to pick him up.

VIDEO: Earl Sweatshirt Reveals Why He Went Missing In First Intervi...

Earl Sweatshirt gives a MTV Cribs-inspired tour of where he lived for the past year and the beauty of the small island of Samoa.

Check out the video above!


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