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Earl Sweatshirt at House of Blues featuring

Earl Sweatshirt, Vince Staples, Remy, Banks, and Nyku

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FUCK YEA!!!!!!

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Get hyped for #RockTheBells Tix available at

 the Official Rock the Bells Festival Trailer…


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Earl Sweatshirt confronts the pressures of hype with 'Doris'

Thebe Kgositsile, who raps as Earl Sweatshirt and is a member of Odd Future, is the subject of legend even before his major label debut 'Doris' arrives.

Earl Sweatshirt, of the rap collective Odd Future, at his apartment in Hollywood. (Genaro Molina / Los Angeles Times)

By Randall Roberts, Los Angeles Times Pop Music…


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Did you know that Earl Sweatshirt has a house in Samoa?

Earl Sweatshirt is ready to end his journey!

If you ever wondered where the 17-year-old Odd Future emcee had been hiding over the past year while his friends were hanging out at the MTV Awards…


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Earl Sweatshirt - WHOA

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Earl performing at Buku Festival

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Earl Sweatshirt Announced to Perform Buku

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thanks so much you made my life, earl

that video is very well done.  if chum is any indication of how the album is going to sound i'm very excited.  keep up the good work man, very impressed with the piano line you wrote too, it's catchy.  the hook of this song is classic as hell

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check this shiiiiiiiiit

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rap group

Need 2 rappers for my new group

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Im fucking new

Yo me and earl and jasper be bopping bitches and be ignorant as fuck! Jasper a box of stank.. Mike g crusty ass

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listen to this shit

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new song

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Earl Sweatshirt Performs “Super Rich Kids” with Frank Ocean in L.A. #channelORANGE

(Frank brings out Earl Sweatshirt in LA)

Thanks to Rap-Up we have good footage of Frank Ocean’s L.A. channel ORANGE concert. Even though Frankie is originally from Nawlins, he really made his mark when he moved to the City of Angels. As usual guests were minimal but he did bring out one Earl Sweatshirt for a rendition of their track “Super Rich Kids.” He…


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