To sign Vince Staples & Speak. 


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Never thought of that before, but holy god do I wish that happens. Staples is a monster.

No because Tyler made him do it

He dosen't know if he want's to be part of odd future. Duh. The nigga has his own life. And I doubt Staples will sign to anyone soon.

That's tight doe.

He's got way too much potential to be "under" any label. OF's got a sick posse with fearless leader, but this dude needs room to grow and forge his own path, to lead his own crew.

if you think he doesn't know if he wants to be in odd future anymore you're dumb as fuck.  he made sure he was under the same people OF is so he could release through the same people and use their logos.  he wont branch out to sign anybody.


Kiki Moto said:

No because Tyler made him do it

I agree with that, but wouldn't it seem like Tyler is trying to become the mastermind behind two labels?

Shelby said:


Kiki Moto said:

No because Tyler made him do it

whats the label called?

Vince staples kills many babies doe

I'm pretty sure Earl's mom didnt want him signed under Tyler's label cuz she still doesnt trust him completely. She doesnt want Tyler to have too much of an influence on Earl's career. Earl made sure that Tan Cressida is associated with Sony so he can put the OF symbol on his albums. As for Vince and Speak, Vince might be a possibility a couple years down the road but I dont think Earl knows Speak very well. I think they just met when he got back.

I think Earl did it so he can release shit on his own rather than having to go thru other people and shit. He wants to be in charge of his own shit, can you blame him?

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