Honestly here is my list most underrated

Domo Genesis

Left Brain

Mike g

Hodgy Beats

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The most underrated has to be Mike G


Bobby said:

The most underrated has to be Mike G
 Yeah mike g doesn't get any recognition at all !

Frank Ocean, duh.

as far as underrated, agree with Mike G. he seems to kinda get overlooked more than the rest, but when i saw them live he mashed it, came away from that show with a new appreciation for him. 

young nigga

its definitely mike g 

hal williams

Def Mike G 

People sleep on Mike G too much, his flow is tight and he's got good punchlines.

definitely mike g 

Pyramid Vritra's verse on PNL-Gurl is awesome. He is so underrated as a rapper and producer

Sweet Baby Rays said:

hal williams

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