Advertising thread, not thread attacking. Here you can build hype for upcoming tracks or albums, if you do post, don't just comment "yo bra my group sik dis new trck gon be nice my niggaz". No. Actually say what the track is, what it's about, your view on your music. Treat it like a real advertising thing. Now go f*ckin build hype.

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I am YouForgot?, first member of the Pygmy Pals, a band of multi-talented, caucasian jungle-explorers blessed by the Pygmy King with buttery linguistics and sucka emcee slaying abilities. Our group consists of the WRDSMITH aka Will Smith, an ex-Vietnam Sniper turned blacksmith, GaRBGe, a talking garbage can hellbent on destroying all better off than himself, Dan Bana, younger brother to action star Eric Bana, and myself, YouForgot?, the banned-from-TV supervillain who killed his superhero and was permanently erased from television and the minds of the world at large.

The first song is an intro, the second is about our love of murder and equestrian mammals, the third is a rundown on Will Smith's addiction to long distance murder with snipers as the main utensil, and the fourth is a homage to hoes to whom we show No Lovage.

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