I know that at least 95% of us listen to Odd Future but I'm pretty sure that's not the only group that each of us listen to. So I want to know if anybody knows any artists that deserve to be listened to. Just put their name, genre, albums/mixtapes, etc. Thank You

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Speak! Is from the middle east bruh lol

Tyre Crain said:

Sure thing, my nigga Vince Staples- shyne coldchain vol. 1 album. Speak! a white rapper whos pretty good.

Igotta think of some more niggas of this decade that can spit.

Action Bronson , Casey Veggies, Space Ghost Purp, A$AP  Rocky

Big K.r.i.t

pharoahe monch W.A.R

ab soul and their whole crew

Lazy-assed Mastermind said:

If you like deep lyrics with some smooth wordplay

Cannibal Ox

Genre: Rap

Reffered Album: The Cold Vein

They're an old collective, but their lyrics are ahead of time.

Yes! Also, if you can find their shit, but it's super rare, Atoms Family. Very similar to Cannibal Ox


Sleeping Weather




Enzo by Tyler, Mike, and Left is straight not bad



Joe Novosel said:


Joey Bada$$ - 1999 - Hip-Hop

vince staples, jon wayne, and rockie fresh

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