Ok everyone, so there have been several requests for some form of moderation on the chat. It has always been the plan to get members actively involved here, Cozy said it best in another thread when he said it's to be more of a fan driven website. We want members to engage us with your ideas and take part in the process, that shit is encouraged so don't ever be shy about reaching out. The patience to this point while we get up to speed is appreciated, in time we think you in return will appreciate the level of interactivity here. Lots of shit on deck for 2012. 

That said, we have assigned 2 moderators to hold down the chat...Steve Berman & BLVCK. Listen, debate and even sarcasm is entirely understandable, nobody wants to turn this into some kinda PG13 site, but use your best best judgement please and respect your fellow members. This is a community for all fans and nobody should get chased away or be made to feel unwelcome. Also, spam needs to be dealt with and will be. In our view, spam IS NOT your own music or any form of your own artistic creativity, if you wanna share your own art (whatever it is) that is encouraged here. 

In time and as we grow, the team and certain members roles have the potential to expand. Sometimes you may not hear much from us but we are paying attention, we take notice, we listen and value your feedback. You are always welcome to friend request me then email me direct and I will help in anyway I can. 

But for now, with chat mods in place, this will be the policy moving forward:

1st Warning is just that, a warning...

2nd Warning is a 24/48 hour ban...

3rd Warning is a 30 day ban...

4th issue is an indefinite ban, it may or may not be permanent depending on how you handle it...you are allowed to contact the mods and state your case if you choose...

Hopefully it doesn't even get to this because everyone here, we appreciate you...just play nice!


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U came on cbox saying I banned you yesterday, when I wasn't even on. Like stfu man, then u kept spamming cbox with Fuck u, so yes I banned. Ok? Cheer up

just a heads up to everyone that cozy miles is now the forum mod, hopefully as things progress with the site over the summer we see more activity there. but just wanted to give everyone a heads up that cozy is now involved on a mod level. 

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